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Rope dog toys are a classic toy, ideal for tugging, flossing and fetch. The simple design makes it a favourite for all breeds of dogs. The rough and knotted texture of rope dog toys provides an enjoyable sensation for dogs to chew and bite. Not only does the chewing sensation alleviate stress and boredom, it can help prevent destructive behaviours like destroying your shoes or furniture! In addition, rope toys are a great indoor toy for providing mental and physical stimulation in the cold winter months. These toys also satisfy a dog’s natural instincts to chew and play tug-of-war, which can be mentally and physically stimulating.

Rope toys are a great option for dogs that love the soft texture of a plush toy, but can’t help but rip them to shreds! The tough nature of rope is ideal for tough chewers and natural-born destroyers. Chewing on rope toys can help to keep a dog’s teeth and gums healthy by removing plaque and tartar build-up. Lastly, rope dog toys can be used for interactive play between dogs and their humans, which can help to strengthen the bond between them. With all that said, rope toys are a great option for all breeds and sizes. 

At Brindle Pet Supplies, we offer a wide range of rope toys from standard rope to plushies stuffed with a rope core. Our catalog includes toys from the most popular brands, including; Knotty and Nice, KONG, BUDZ and Tether Tug.

Most Popular Rope Toys

The KONG Wild Knots collection is the perfect selection of rope dog toys for dogs who need a tough plush toy. These fun animal characters, including the Fox, Hippo and Bunny, are stuffed with rope and minimal stuffing making these toys extra durable for tough chewers. The realistic feel of the internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts while the varied textures and squeakers gear up for play. 

Not to be outdone, KONG has another great line of tougher rope plush toys, including; Cross Knots Pig and Monkey. With fun details like crossed legs and animated faces, it’s easy to forget how tough these toys are. The internal knotted rope and squeaker satisfies natural instincts and each toy contains less stuffing for less mess.

In addition, the classic rope toys are an essential part of any toy box. Try the Kotty and Nice blue rope, or the White Cotton Rope for a durable, aesthetic choice. For a fun, durable rope toy to keep your pup entertained, try the BUDZ Rope Toy. It’s perfect for fetch and playing tug of war. BUDZ also has adorable rope toys shaped like forest critters! Check out the Rope Racoon Toy for a cute, cuddly option.

Lastly, for the dogs that live to tug, there’s no better toy than the Tether Tug. The tether tug is an interactive, outdoor dog toy designed to keep your dog healthy, happy, and entertained. The unique design allows your dog to move 360 degrees around the Tether Tug pole as it bends and flexes. Whether your dog likes to pull, tug, spin, or fetch, the Tether Tug is the perfect toy for your energetic pup!

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If your dog loves toys but is more of a chewer, try a chew toy or fetch toy. Don’t forget to provide your dog with mental stimulation through puzzles and interactive toys!

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