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Sit. Stay. Fetch! If your dog loves to chase, jump, swim and retrieve, we’ve got you covered. Fetch toys are a great way to bond with your dog while keeping them physically active. Balls, frisbees, launchers and stick toys keep dogs begging for more playtime. Picking the right dog toy is essential for keeping your dog fetching and retrieving! At Brindle Pet Supplies, we offer top brands of fetch toys, including; Chuckit!, KONG and ROGZ

Types of Fetch Toys

We have a wide-range of fetch toys to choose from. Does your dog dream of being an olympic swimmer? Try the ROGZ Flings Tire for a toy that works in both the water and on land. The soft material is gentle on the teeth and provides chewing satisfaction. Another popular toy for fetching in the water is the ROGZ Flingz Buoy. The high-flying abilities of these toys, as well as their buoyant abilities makes them great for both a day at the park or a day in the water.

Frisbees are perfect for the high-jumping, adventure-seeking pooch in your life. Popular brands like Chuckit and Jolly Pets offer durable, high-flying frisbees. Some of the best frisbees include; Chuckit! Flying Squirrel, Jolly Pets Flyer and the KONG Extreme Flyer

Don’t forget to provide your retriever with an abundance of the classic fetch toy, balls! No dog can resist the high-pitched whistle noise when the Chuckit! Whistle Ball is soaring through the air. Be sure to use a Chuckit! Launcher to get that ball thrown even further. For a bouncy, fun, entertaining option, try the ROGZ Grinz ball. There’s no shortage of ball toys to choose from at Brindle Pet Supplies. Every texture is unique and your dog may have a preference. For a softer ball, try the adorable HugSmart Sloth ball or the Chuckit! Indoor Fitness Ball

Shop the best selection of dog fetch toys in Canada at Brindle Pet Supplies!