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Plush Dog Toys

Plush dog toys are an adorable addition to any dog toy collection! From adorable woodland critters like skunks and squirrels to safari friends like lions and elephants, you’re sure to find a character your dog will love. These toys are soft and cuddly, with fluffy insides and wrapped in cozy fabric. We have a wide selection of cute animals and characters to choose from. Many plush toys have a squeaker or crinkle paper inside to entice a dog’s prey-drive. Sensitive pups love to snuggle and care for their plushies, while natural-born hunters live to destroy a plush toy. 

Dogs love plush toys for a variety of reasons, including their soft texture, the squeaking or crinkling noises they make, and the comfort and security they provide. The toys can also serve as a source of entertainment, stimulation, and comfort for dogs, especially when they are feeling lonely, anxious, or bored. Additionally, playing with plush toys can be a way for dogs to satisfy their natural instincts to hunt and chew. Plush toys are ideal for indoor play. At Brindle Pet Supplies, we offer a wide range of plushies from plush toys that squeak to plush toys that crinkle and even low-stuffing options. Our catalog includes toys from the most popular brands, including; ZippyPaws, HugSmart, KONG and Spunky Pup.

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The KONG SoftSeas Turtle and Octopus are some of the softest toys you’ll ever feel. The thick plush makes it irresistible for grabbing while its long appendages send dogs into waves of shaking fun while satisfying natural thrashing instincts. The KONG Cozie toys are some of the most popular plush toys! With a variety of characters to choose from, including; lamb, alligator, moose and rhino, these toys are a must-have for new puppies or snuggly adult dogs. 

Not to be outdone, KONG also has a line of Sherps characters that are insanely cute! Check out the Llama, Donkey and Yak for an adorable, unique plush dog toy. These double-layered squeaky, crinkly adventure buddies are ideal for indoor action-from sofa summits to basement treks. An added squeaker entices and extends the fun.

In addition, your dog can learn a whole new meaning to “playing with you food” from ZippyPaws NomNoms. Cool off with an ice cream cone, or be transported to Hawaii with the pineapple plush toy. Test your dog’s taste buds with some plush takeout or tacos

Lastly, for an organic cotton plush toy, try the Spunky Pup Organic Cotton Bear or Pig. These plush dog toys are animal-shaped toys made from bali wool and organic cotton.

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If your dog loves toys but is more of a chewer, try a chew toy or fetch toy. Don’t forget to provide your dog with mental stimulation through puzzles and interactive toys

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