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In addition to dry kibble and dehydrated foods, we offer a variety of wet cat food. Wet food is a great option for cats that have a difficult time chewing or who have dental issues. If your cat is not able to handle hard food, wet is a great alternative. It allows for easy eating while still providing the sustenance they need to remain active. Wet food is also a good choice for picky eaters or cats that need to put on some weight. As a more fragrant and palatable option than many dry choices, canned food can be excellent for cats who need a little extra encouragement to maintain a healthy appetite.

Since wet food is typically higher in moisture content, this can be especially beneficial for cats who are prone to dehydration or reluctant to drink water. Pates and Stews provide essential moisture your pup needs to thrive. Simply feeding traditional kibble can have a dehydrating effect on your cat. Wet, or canned food not only adds flavour but also essential moisture to any mealtime. Additionally, the higher protein and fat content in canned cat foods can also help support muscle growth and development. 

At Brindle Pet Supplies, we carry many brands of wet cat food including; Go! Solutions, Instinct, TikiCat and Taste of the Wild. Mixing wet food with traditional kibble is a great way to add texture to your standard meal-time. Cats love variety and using wet food as a meal topper is a sure fire way to get them purring. 

Most Popular Wet Cat Food

For healthy skin, a shiny coat and a new attitude, try the Go! Skin and Coat Minced Chicken. This food is carefully prepared with all the nutrients your cat requires including premium quality cage-free chicken which provides your cat with essential amino acids for strong muscles. Does your cat prefer fish over poultry? Try the Go! Solutions Salmon and Cod Pate

In addition, Taste of the Wild Canyon River Pate satisfies a cat’s nutritional needs. This fish-forward recipe provides highly digestible energy for active cats.

Not to be outdone, Instinct Original Pate in Chicken, Salmon or Rabbit are high in animal protein and guided by a belief in raw feeding. These recipes are highly palatable and great for cats with sensitivities. 

Lastly, TikiCat After Dark offers cats the real meat they crave. The Chicken with Liver recipe offers cats a complete and balanced diet for all life stages. Chicken liver, gizzards and heart add irresistible flavor and beneficial nutrients to this food. Plus, the high moisture content gives cats the supplemental water they need.

These are just a few of the many benefits of feeding wet cat food. Add it as a topper to traditional kibble, as a side-dish for extra calories or feed as a full meal, this versatile type of cat food is suitable for all kinds of kitty parents!