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Dog Treats and Chews

We know that your dog is more than just a pet, they’re a crucial part of the family. That’s why we only carry the highest quality dog treats to keep them happy, healthy, and nourished.

In this category, you’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from, including antlers, bully sticks, biscuits, dental chews, freeze-dried treats, bones, soft and chewy treats and jerky. Each type of treat has its own unique benefits and is made from only the best ingredients.


Our elk and deer antlers are a natural and healthy way to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs. These long-lasting treats are a great source of calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and bones. They are also odor-free and mess-free, making them a wonderful alternative to traditional bones.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are another popular option for dogs who love to make use of their teeth. These treats provide a long-lasting chew that promotes dental health and helps reduce anxiety. Made from grass-fed beef, bully sticks are a wonderful source of protein and great for their gums. Some great Bully Stick options include; FureverPure Bully Sticks, RedBarn Odor-Free Bully Sticks and SilverSpur Unbelievabulls

Dental Chews

We also offer a variety of biscuits and dental chews that are designed to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath. These chews are a delicious and healthy way to reward your dog for good behavior. They are made with wholesome ingredients like whole wheat flour, oats, and natural flavorings.

Natural Chews

RedBarn pig snouts are a unique and healthy treat option for dogs. These all-natural treats are made from pure pig snout and are a great source of protein and essential amino acids. RedBarn Pig snouts are also a great alternative to traditional rawhide chews as they are more digestible and less likely to cause stomach upset.

Icelandic Lamb horns are another great option for dogs who can’t get enough chewing. These all-natural treats are made from 100% sustainably harvested lamb horn and are a great source of protein and healthy fat. They are nutrient-rich and contain no additives or preservatives.

Additionally, our Open Range Beef Chomper Braids are also tailor-made for dogs who need to stay occupied, and are free from antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.

Last but certainly not least, one of the most popular chews this year include RedBarn Collagen Braids, RedBarn Beef Cheek Rolls and Collagen Sticks. Collagen is a long-lasting, highly digestible alternative to bully sticks.

Freeze-Dried Treats

For dogs on the go, we offer freeze-dried and dehydrated treats as well. These are a convenient and healthy way to give your dog a tasty snack wherever you happen to be. In addition, they are packed with vitamins and minerals and are a great option for dogs with food allergies. Try something like the Ocean Chews from the Honest Kitchen for a pure and satisfying alternative to rawhide. 

Jerky Dog Treats

Lastly, our jerky is a great protein-packed treat that your dog will adore. Made from real meat, our jerky is a healthy and delicious way to show your dog you care. They come in a variety of flavors like chicken, lamb, and beef.

At Brindle Pets, we care about your pet’s well-being just as much as you do. That’s why we carefully select quality products we know your animal will enjoy. We have a wide variety of options to choose from, so you can find the optimal treat for your dog’s unique needs and preferences. Finally, be sure to browse our selection of dog treats now and give your pet the best!