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KONG Dog Toys

Introducing KONG Company, the brand that has been unleashing the power of play for over 40 years. Born from the love of animals and a passion for innovation, KONG is dedicated to dogs. Their toys provide dogs and their owners the ability to bond and have fun wherever they happen to be.

Firstly, these toys are more than just objects, they are tools that can solve a variety of common dog issues. Whether it’s teething, separation anxiety, boredom, crate training, or weight management, KONG has a solution for your pup.

The KONG Classic toy is a staple in the world of dog toys. It’s a toy that will be with your dog through all stages of life, from a puppy to the more distinguished years. Its unique shape and dynamic rubber give it an unpredictable bounce. This sparks chasing instincts with a crazy rebound that’s different every time. 

The Puppy Teething Stick is customized to meet the needs of teething puppies. When their baby teeth erupt through their gums, it can be painful. Chewing on soft rubber helps alleviate teething pain and teaches appropriate chewing behavior.

Plush Dog Toys

Don’t forget about the wide variety of plush toys! From the Wild Knots Bear to the Cozie Alligator, we have the best selection of KONG plush toys to choose from. If you’re looking for something extra cute and cuddly, add the SoftSeas Octopus or Sherps Yak to your cart!

KONG Company toys are also used for enrichment. Simply stuff the toy strategically with your dog’s favorite snacks for tons of healthy mental and physical stimulation that keeps your pup busy and happy. Feeding meals from these toys also helps manage weight by slowing feeding while providing a satisfying mental challenge.

KONG knows that playtime is essential for the health and well-being of your dog. That’s why they have a wide range of toys to keep your pup entertained for hours, including the KONG Extreme, KONG Flyer, KONG Wobbler, and many more.

Brindle Pets is proud to carry a wide selection of KONG toys. We believe in the power of play and the importance of providing dogs with the best toys on the market. Finally, these toys are durable, long-lasting, and designed to satisfy your dog’s natural instincts. Shop our selection today and see the difference KONG can make in your pup’s life.