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Dr. Marty Dog Food

We believe that our furry friends deserve the very best when it comes to their nutrition This is why we are thrilled to offer the premium pet food brand Dr. Marty Pet Foods!

Unlike many other commercial pet foods that are cooked at high temperatures, Dr. Marty Pet Food is gently freeze-dried to protect the vital nutrients that dogs need to power their bodies. This process not only preserves the nutritional value of the food, but it also maintains the delicious flavor and texture that pets love.

Dr. Marty’s dedication to creating high-quality, nutritious pet food, supplements, and treats is evident in the ingredients they use. From trusted partners, they source clean, whole-food components for their products. Additionally, they use only the purest, award-winning compounds in their supplements. What’s more, their products are free from artificial preservatives and additives, which could potentially harm your pet’s health.

The founder of the brand is none other than Dr. Marty himself. He has been a leading voice in veterinary medicine for over 45 years. And, he is the author of numerous best-selling books. Dr. Marty has also been featured on national television programs such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America. He even stars in the critically-acclaimed documentary, The Dog Doc.

At Brindle Pet Supplies, we understand that every pet has unique nutritional needs, which is why we offer a wide variety of Dr. Marty pet food. From freeze-dried raw pet food to naturally delicious treats, Dr. Marty products cater to all of your dog’s desires.

We take pride in the fact that every batch of Dr. Marty’s freeze-dried raw food undergoes rigorous third-party testing. This ensure that they are safe and effective for your dog.

Best Sellers

Check out Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend Healthy Growth for puppies. Or, try Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend Essential Wellness or Sensitivity Select for adult dogs. Don’t forget about the small pups! For a smaller kibble to please toy dogs try the Essential Wellness Small Breed option.

Finally, it gives us tremendous joy to offer Dr. Marty premium dog food at Brindle Pets. We believe that their dedication to creating nutritious products, combined with our commitment to providing excellent customer service, will help you give your four-legged friends the best possible care.