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Keeping your dog’s dental health in prime condition can be a daunting chore. Dental Chews and Treats can help make this tough job a little simpler. When paired with a consistent brushing routine and regular visits to your vet, dental chews can help keep your dog’s smile shining. In addition, Dental Chews and Treats help with stinky dog breath. Designed to protect your dog’s teeth and oral health, dental treats and dental sticks remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, cutting down on bad puppy breath and making for a happier pooch, overall.

Dental health is often overlooked when considering a dog’s overall health. It’s important to keep their mouths fresh and plaque-free for a happy, healthy pooch. Dental bones have an irresistible flavour and shape that dogs love to chew on. The chewing motion helps to strengthen jaw muscles and remove plaque from dog teeth. The rough surface of these treats also removes built-up surface stains from the teeth. 

Most Popular Dental Chews and Treats

At Brindle Pet Supplies, we offer a wide range of dental chews and treats for your pup. Our catalog includes dental products from the most popular brands, including; Merrick, Crumps’ Naturals, Whimzees and Bluestem

The edible and easily digestible vegetable chews from Whimzees are the perfect solution to help  freshen breath and reduce buildup on your dog’s teeth. They come in many shapes and sizes, including; hedgehogs, sticks, alligators and brushes. If your pup is picky, try the variety pack to explore their favourite shape. 

In addition, the seasonal favourite, Crumps’ Naturals Pumpkin Spice Plaque Busters keep the spirit of fall alive all year round! Every Pumpkin Spice Plaque Buster contains all-natural pumpkin spice, sweet potato, citrus pulp, and coconut oil. It’s a truly unique treat that assists in turning the scent of your dog’s breath into the smell of a colourful autumn breeze. The perfect combination of sweet potato mixed with ground oyster shell and a hint of pumpkin spice for a flavorful, natural dental chew.

Not to be outdone, Bluestem Dental Chews come in two sizes to accommodate both small and medium to large sized dogs. These dental chews are designed to penetrate right up to the gum line. In addition, the ridges on the spokes work to remove plaque and tartar on the entire tooth.

Lastly, Merrick Fresh Kisses infused with Mint-Flavored Breath Strips are an innovative, natural dental treat designed not only to clean dogs’ teeth, but to truly freshen breath at the same time. These dental chews feature a unique double-brush design that cleans teeth and uses mint flavored breath strips to freshen breath.

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Shop the best selection of dental chews and treats in Canada at Brindle Pet Supplies. Don’t forget to add some crunchy biscuits and chew toys to your cart to keep things fresh and exciting for your pup!