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Bully sticks are a popular treat option for dogs who love to make use of their teeth. These treats provide a long-lasting chew that promotes dental health and helps reduce anxiety. Made from all natural protein sources, pizzles deliver a long-lasting chew that’s healthy and satisfying. Dogs love the taste and smell of bully sticks.These are a great chew because they do not splinter like cooked bones or ribs. Some great Bully Stick options include; FureverPure Bully Sticks, RedBarn and SilverSpur Unbelievabulls. Most of our bully stick options are available to buy as singles or in bulk. Take advantage of our bulk discounts and get up to 10% off your dog’s favourite snack! 

Bully products come in many different shapes and forms. The classic bully stick is a straight option that dog’s love to gnaw on. Overtime, as dogs chew on the stick, the pizzle gets tender making them easily digestible. They come in short sizes for small dogs all the way up to heavy duty sizes for larger pups. The bully braid is a twist on the original. With three sticks woven together, the bully braid acts as a puzzle for dogs to try to untangle while they chew! Bully products are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and are a great alternative to bones and rawhide. 

At Brindle Pet Supplies, we offer a wide range of bully sticks from braids, to barbells and everything in between. Our catalog includes bully sticks from the most popular brands, including; RedBarn, Silver Spur, and Open Range.

Most Popular Bully Sticks

The Furever Pure Bully Sticks are perfect for the discerning dog owner who wants only the best for their pup. These all-natural beef chews are free of hormones and antibiotics. They are also specially formulated to be highly digestible and safe for dogs of all sizes. Plus, they’re just plain delicious!

In addition, the Open Range Bully Spiral is hard for dog’s to hold onto which allows for longer chew-time and even more mental stimulation. Made with natural, free range South American beef, these bully springs are steam cured and odor-free. 

Not to be outdone, Silver Spur offers an inexpensive, high-quality bully stick alternative, the Unbelievabull Stick and Braid. These look exactly like a bull stick and last as long, but offer tremendous value. Made from the cheek of the same grass-fed South American cattle as the sticks, these products are carefully air-dried and formed to produce a long-lasting chew that your dog will love. Unbelieveabulls are great for cleaning teeth and gums and satisfying your dog’s urge to chew. They’re also completely odor-free, which is a perk that you will love.

Lastly, RedBarn offers high-quality products in many different forms and sizes, including; Bully Bites, Bully Braids, Bully Barbells and Bully Slices. These all-natural, highly digestible chews are made from a single ingredient, beef pizzle (a muscle), and slow-roasted in their own juices for maximum flavor. But they do more than pack a powerful punch of flavor. They work overtime to support your dog’s muscle development, while the natural act of chewing helps support their dental health by gently massaging their gums and scraping away plaque and tartar buildup.

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