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Interactive and Puzzle Dog Toys

Interactive and puzzle dog toys are an essential part of any toy box. These toys provide essential mental stimulation and keep your dog’s mind busy. Puzzle toys are an engaging way to keep your dog occupied when you’re not able to. Interactive toys are ideal for bored, anxious or destructive dogs. They provide a safe, simple outlet for highly intelligent, high-energy pooches. Whether you need something to preoccupy your dog while cooped up inside on a cold winter day, or while you’re busy with other household chores, a puzzle dog toy is the way to go. 

Interactive and puzzle toys allow smart dogs to solve problems and get rewarded when they do. Most puzzle toys have compartments for hidden treats and multi-level problem solving. Mental stimulation is incredibly important to maintaining your dog’s overall health. Puzzle toys help reduce boredom and stress, limiting potentially destructive behaviors. For high-energy, or particularly intelligent breeds, physical exercise is often not enough. In order to tire these types of dogs out, they need to work their muscles and their brains! At Brindle Pet Supplies, we offer a wide range of interactive toys from plush burrows to classic puzzles and treat dispensers. Our catalog includes interactive toys from the most popular brands, including; ZippyPaws, KONG, Outward Hound Nina Ottoson and DogIt

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The Nina Ottoson Tornado puzzle is a perfect introductory puzzle for first-time puzzle users or puppies. The skill level is ideal for dogs just learning how to navigate problem solving. For a more advanced puzzle solver and highly intelligent pups, try the Casino Puzzle or Hide N’ Slide. These puzzles are sure to keep your dog stimulated and busy. 

In addition, ZippyPaws burrow toys are the perfect two-in-one plush toy. Each burrow is stuffed with three small, squeaky toys for endless fun. Hide the small toys inside the burrow and let your dog’s hunting instincts kick into high drive! Hosting a movie night? Add the Popcorn in a Bucket burrow to your cart! Or, try the out of this world Aliens in a Spaceship. Give your dog a whole new meaning to “playing with your food” with the Chicken in a Bucket burrow toy. You can’t go wrong with a ZippyPaws burrow toy. 

Lastly, KONG offers many treat dispensing puzzle toys. Add the wobbler to your cart for a toy that dispenses tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement stimulates natural instincts, keeping even the most seasoned users challenged. The Gyro is sure to entertain with irresistible roll and flip action keeping dogs enticed and intrigued. With the center spinning orb and static outer ring, this dynamic toy encourages dogs to push, paw and roll the toy which delightfully dispenses tasty treat rewards along the way. These toys can also be used as slow feeders instead of the classic kibble bowl! 

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If your dog loves toys but doesn’t have a desire to learn problem solving skills, try a chew toy or fetch toy.

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