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Grizzly Oil

Grizzly Pet Products is a supplement brand that is wild about omegas. Through the use of balanced omega fatty acid supplements, this brand provides pets with an incredible life. What sets Grizzly apart is their commitment to sustainability, evidence-based research, and the highest quality from boat to bottle.

To get started, check out their Hip and Joint Support Liquid Supplement or ​​Salmon Plus Oil Food Supplement. Additionally, try the Pollock Oil to help promote brain function and eye health. 


Grizzly‘s focus on sustainability starts with their utilization of the entire fish through partnerships with the Alaskan fishing industry. Because of his passion for sustainability, Grizzly‘s founder discovered that many parts of wild-caught Alaskan salmon were being discarded after the fish had been processed into filets for human consumption. They were dumping back into the ocean nutrient-rich parts that were highly viable. Determined to utilize the entire fish nose-to-tail, Grizzly developed partnerships and set up shop directly across from salmon processing plants.

Grizzly’s salmon oil is extracted from human-grade co-products, allowing them to capture the maximum amount of high-quality oils while minimizing waste. Additionally, Grizzly is committed to producing oils that are based in scientific fact. Founded by a scientist, Grizzly takes immense pride in providing products that are backed up by conclusive evidence.

Grizzly’s omega supplements are made from wild salmon, pollock, krill, and algae using industry-leading sustainable practices for unsurpassed quality. They use only wild-caught, never farmed, and resource-efficiently sourced and utilized fish. Grizzly’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Lastly, as passionate advocates for the ocean, they promise to source and utilize their fish through environmentally-friendly means – always.


Grizzly is a certified member of the National Animal Supplement Council, which is committed to providing pets with high-quality supplements that help support their quality of life. Most commercial pet foods today contain too many omega-6s and too few omega-3s, which can cause skin and coat health issues, such as inflammation, itchy skin, and dandruff. Finally, adding omegas to your pet’s diet gives them a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio for optimum health.

For over 20 years, Grizzly has been a trusted brand in omega health. They have dedicated their lives to producing supplements you can proudly feed your pets. Lastly, shop the best selection of Grizzly Pet Products in Canada at Brindle Pet Supplies!