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Cat Supplements

Our selection of cat supplements address digestion, immune function, hairball control, skin and coat care and many other health concerns. With our wide range of options, you’ll find the perfect solution to meet your cat’s needs. Hairball control supplements include ingredients such as pumpkin and psyllium husk to aid in hairball relief. These supplements help prevent hairballs and support healthy digestion for the finickiest felines. This can be especially beneficial for cats who are prone to hairballs and poor digestion. 

Urinary Tract Care

At Brindle Pets, we understand the importance of urinary tract care and overall health for your loyal companion. That’s why we carry a wide range of high-quality health supplements. Check out these best sellers; HomeoPet Cat UT+ and Vet’s Best Urinary Tract Support. THese products provide relief from urinary tract infections by easing the burning and supporting the kidney function.

Digestive Care

If your cat is struggling with digestive upset, why not try a probiotic or herbal digestive supplement? The FortiFlora Probiotic Supplement is a veterinarian supplement that contains a safe and effective strain of beneficial bacteria proven to promote normal intestinal microflora. This powdered probiotic is an effective way to help your cat’s digestive issues. NaturVet Digestive Enzymes are another excellent choice. 

Stress Relief

For an anxious kitty, ThunderWunder Calming Cat Paw Gel and NaturVet Soft Chew Quiet Moments are must-haves. These calming supplements help cats in stressful situations to calm their nerves. A calming supplement is helpful on long road-trips or in high-stress situations. 

Other Concerns

Lastly, we even have supplements for more specialized health concerns like skin and coat issues, diarrhea and sinus congestion. Try the NaturVet Anti Diarrhea supplement for cats with runny stool, or the HomeoPet Multi Species Sinus+ for sinus support. The Missing Link Ultimate Feline Formula offers skin and coat care while The Missing Link Pet Kelp provides overall well-being support. 

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