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Many cats enjoy puzzles and interactive toys that stimulate their minds and challenge their problem-solving skills. Interactive cat toys typically involve hiding treats or toys within a container or maze. The cat must figure out how to manipulate the puzzle to access the rewards! Try the KONG Treat Ball for Cats for endless fun. 

Cats are naturally curious and intelligent animals, and they enjoy exploring their environment and engaging in activities that provide mental stimulation. Puzzles are a fun way for cats to use their natural problem-solving abilities and keep their minds active.

In addition to providing mental stimulation, interactive toys can also be used to encourage exercise and promote healthy eating habits. For example, toys that move or vibrate like the Vibrating Creature are perfect for hunting and pouncing. Additionally, the KONG AvoCATo satisfies a cat’s hunger for wrestling with a curved shaped and a crinkly soft body that invites healthy wrestling. The lightweight, tethered yarn ball sparks batting fun with an erratic bounce and rattle sounds that reward natural instincts.

Interactive cat toys and puzzles are a fun and rewarding way to engage your cat’s mind and satisfy their natural instincts.