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In addition to dry kibble, dehydrated foods and wet foods we offer a variety of raw cat food. This kind of food is a great option for cats that have a difficult time chewing or who have dental issues. If your cat is not able to handle hard food, it is a great alternative. It allows for easy eating while still providing the sustenance they need to remain active. In addition, cats that have trouble with digestion often benefit from a raw food diet. Raw food diets tend to be easier to digest for cats because they contain fewer carbohydrates and more natural enzymes. Raw diets also provide appropriate nutrients and vitamins for a healthy, shiny coat.

Raw cat food provides the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants necessary for a strong immune system. In addition, these diets often include bones, which help keep a dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Lastly, some pet owners report that their dogs have more energy on a raw food diet.

At Brindle Pet Supplies, we are proud to carry Moz Pets food. This food comes in both a beef and chicken variety. These shelf-stable rolls are a convenient way for consumers to try raw feeding. Moz’s proprietary process eliminates 100% of bacteria, parasites and preserves all nutrients without the need for added chemicals. Prior to opening they may be stored at room temperature making them a great ’emergency’ option for traditional frozen raw feeders.

These are just a few of the many benefits of feeding raw. Add it as a topper to traditional kibble, as a side-dish for extra calories or feed as a full meal, this versatile type of cat food is suitable for all kinds of kitty parents!